2010 Revisited, in Celebration of 10 Years of Published Articles.

I can hardly believe that I have been a contributor to this magazine for 10 yrs. Throughout the years I have covered a wide range of health-related topics some evoking comment and others amusement. I would like to think that my articles have always offered accurate information to help individuals help themselves supported by a good dose of common sense.

My first article was entitled Cold and Flu Viruses it seems appropriate that in 2020 with concerns growing over the Coronavirus ( COVID-19) I revisit my original article to reflect on the information given then and up-date ( in italics ) where necessary.

Cold and flu viral infections of which there are many types with varying symptoms are all impervious to antibiotics. The key to fighting viral infections is to have your own strong immune system. To help your immune system stay strong good hygiene is a must. Try to take a common sense approach to limit the spread of any infection. Catching coughs and sneezes in tissues. Disposing of these tissues in a safe manner. Effective cleaning of your environment. Frequent hand washing. These practical precautionary measures quickly can become good habits.

To support your immune system firstly identify and where possible take steps to manage or avoid emotional or physical stressors that may contribute to overloading your immune system including food/environmental sensitivities.

Secondly supplement your diet. Vitamin C , Zinc  and Selenium are most commonly recognised and used. Helpful herbal or Homoeopathic remedies include Garlic, Echinacea, Aconite, Kali Bich,  Hydrastis and Pulsatilla. These can be obtained at pharmacies and health food shops. Always consult your pharmacist before taking any “natural” remedies especially if you are taking GP  prescribed medications.  To ease associated symptoms such as muscle/joint aches and pains, taking a warm bath using either lavender oil to aid relaxation or Epsom salts to reduce inflammation may be beneficial. Sore throats may be helped by sucking Zinc lozenges or gargling with a warm infusion from sage leaves. Congestion of the nose and sinuses may be eased by inhalation of steam from a bowl of hot water containing a drop of Eucalyptus oil or a Menthol crystal. Cough’s may be helped by swallowing a teaspoon of honey and the old stand- by of a warm comforting drink of honey and fresh lemon juice.

Thirdly be kind to yourself and dose yourself with some TLC, keep warm, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of liquids and eat good healthy food. When my daughters were little and not well I always made a pot of my Mother’s recipe chicken soup. This contained a whole chicken, large amounts of herbs, onions and garlic. After consuming steaming bowls of the “special medicine” my daughters said they always felt better…………….Does Mums Chicken Soup work ? just ask my daughters, grand-daughters! And now great grand children !

I will finish this article with some facts pertaining to the Corona virus.

As of to-day March 3rd 2020 there are 40 cases reported in the UK. Cases worldwide number 91,307 with 3,120 deaths and 48,253 cases recovered. 80% of cases are mild and only 20% of patients require hospital treatment. The WHO report the incubation period of 2-14 days. Symptoms include fever with a dry cough and shortness of breath. ©AW/2020

There is more information on this and other viruses on the NHS Website. Keep yourselves well.

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