CPD – Raising Standards in Therapists Training

Most complementary therapists including reflexologists are trained to a level 3 standard which is mapped to the National Vocational Qualification. This model of training encompasses continual assessment over a stated number of guided learning hours that includes basic anatomy and physiology, a delivery protocol, completion of a stated number of treatments, business practice guidelines, and … Read more

Holistic Management of Hypertension. High Blood Pressure

It would seem I have reached an age when nearly every friend or colleague I bump into ( not literally, I hasten to add ) is taking some form of medication following a diagnosis of high blood pressure. An example being a friend being recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and given medication by her … Read more


Mrs R phoned me to ask for an appointment for her husband who was suffering with Lumbago, a term that I had not heard used in a long while. My father, an osteopath often used this term in the past for pain in the muscles and joints of the lower back. Mr R arrived in … Read more

Holistic Support Following Cancer Treatment

At a recent Health & Wellbeing meeting held by Dorset County Hospital Cancer Services a lady in the audience asked if there was anything practical she could do to help herself to feel “more like her old self” following her cancer treatment. Many audience members commented and the consensus was that fatigue was the most … Read more

Consequences of a fall

It is not only toddlers that find themselves unceremoniously sitting on their behinds in the most obscure of places having tripped, slipped or missed their footing for what appears to be no apparent reason. On a Saturday morning, whilst hurrying to peg out washing I found myself flat on my back on the patio having … Read more

Upset Tummy

When I answered a telephone call from Mrs D I was surprised to hear that her daughter aged 6 had been suffering on and off with a tummy-bug for several weeks. Having been diagnosed with a virus with only a few days without loose stools o  tummy ache the little girl was not improving. Mrs … Read more

The Magic of Mistletoe – Viscum album

This time of the year the florists are full of mistletoe. This seasonal parasitic plant is found mainly on trees such as oak and apple. With its distinct waxy green leaf formations, yellowish flowers and sticky white berries it has a history founded in mystical and ritualistic practices. Now more recognised as something that is … Read more

New Year Challenges.

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT MCThA. The start of a new year can be the perfect opportunity to reflect and assess what changes might be necessary to help many of us face the challenges a new year might bring. Many readers will be aware that I have been a Weldmar Volunteer for … Read more

Winter Coughs and Colds.

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT MCThA. At this time of year to try and avoid the common cold virus is near on impossible. Whether you are suffering from a blocked nose, sore throat or cough these symptoms although deemed not life threatening can be debilitating. Viruses mutate at an alarming rate. They … Read more

Treating Chronic Skeletal Problems with PCR.

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR  FHT MCThA PCR Professional Clinical Reflexology-The Langstone-Wring Method TM. Is an advanced form of Reflexology developed over many years of study and practice. It is the culmination of principles and techniques derived from many sources including the trigger points and meridians of Chinese Acupuncture.  Deep tissue massage and … Read more