Best Practice

Whilst preparing my notes for teaching an advanced CPD reflexology training event I revisited a section in which I cover Best Practice. I am often asked to clarify Evidence Based Practice and Best Practice . Whilst these terms are familiar within the many and varied areas of health care provision (and certain areas of business) … Read more

Emotional Overload!

Given the exceptional circumstances we have all been experiencing since lockdown in March it is not surprising to learn that GP’s are reporting an upsurge of patients reporting anxiety as a major concern. I can fully appreciate how some may be feeling apprehensive especially when being encouraged to return to work. Feeling confused and frustrated at conflicting … Read more

Adapting your diet and lifestyle to boost your immune system

Never before in my memory has the public been so encouraged by the Government to take responsibility for their own and others health and wellbeing. This official response is due to Covid-19 virus and as with all viruses it’s effects will be more acutely felt by certain members of the public. The experts have identified at … Read more

Updating Continued Professional Development CPD

My unscheduled break from practice due to Covid-19 I believed would have been over after July 4th.  I was looking forward to re-starting my practice with a very full waiting list on July 6th .  Knowing that once the go-ahead had been given to restart private practice, myself and two fellow reflexologists would be able … Read more

Preperations for Re-Opening “Hands-On” Therapy Practice

As I’m sure everyone is aware that all therapists that offer “hands-on” therapy have had to suspend their work from March in compliance with Government and Professional Association guidance. It has seemed rather bizarre that at the very time when patient needs are at the very highest we as therapists have been prevented from offering … Read more

Embracing Change

The world is trying to manage a pandemic that has produced devastating effects. All governments have had to make difficult and often un-popular decisions for the safety of their populations. I feel extremely grateful that I live in the UK and have a health service that has risen to the challenges this virus poses. Here in … Read more

Coping in Isolation- A Personal Perspective

The very word Isolation is alien to me. Running a successful practice for 30 years and working at Dorset County Hospital on the Fortuneswell ward, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy departments since 2014 I have daily contact with a substantial number of people. Due to an evolving situation over which I have no control that has been caused … Read more

Supporting NHS DCHFT Ocology Staff Well-Being With Clinical Reflexology

The Fortuneswell Reflexology and Cake Event was set up in the Chemotherapy Unit at Dorchester County Hospital and 23 oncology staff representing the Fortuneswell ward, chemotherapy and radiology departments took full advantage of the event. Fortuneswell Complementary Therapy Team Lorna Spicer, Jane Cruickshank and myself gave up our Saturday to provide the Clinical Reflexology sessions. … Read more

A New Year Approach for Chronic Pain.

Conditions such as fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, osteo arthritis, migraine headaches, backache neuralgia, etc etc….. all share a common link of Chronic Pain.  Pain is the body’s way of signalling to us that something is wrong. Acute pain will normally follow trauma such as an injury or surgery and management is relatively straightforward. Whereas the management of … Read more