The Magic of Mistletoe. Viscum album.

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT MCThA. This time of the year the florists are full of mistletoe. This seasonal parasitic plant is found mainly on trees such as oak and apple. With its distinct waxy green leaf formations, yellowish flowers and sticky white berries it has a history founded in mystical and … Read more

New Year Challenges.

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT MCThA. The start of a new year can be the perfect opportunity to reflect and assess what changes might be necessary to help many of us face the challenges a new year might bring. Many readers will be aware that I have been a Weldmar Volunteer for … Read more

Winter Coughs and Colds.

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT MCThA. At this time of year to try and avoid the common cold virus is near on impossible. Whether you are suffering from a blocked nose, sore throat or cough these symptoms although deemed not life threatening can be debilitating. Viruses mutate at an alarming rate. They … Read more

Treating Chronic Skeletal Problems with PCR.

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR  FHT MCThA PCR Professional Clinical Reflexology-The Langstone-Wring Method TM. Is an advanced form of Reflexology developed over many years of study and practice. It is the culmination of principles and techniques derived from many sources including the trigger points and meridians of Chinese Acupuncture.  Deep tissue massage and … Read more

Understanding the impact of a diagnosis.

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT CThA                  A patient recently asked me “When are you thinking of retiring” ? I thought for a moment and replied “That can mostly depend on what kind of day I have had. On good a day never, on a bad day to-morrow” I thought about my reply … Read more

Up-Date on the Fortuneswell Clinical Reflexology Project.

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT CThA.                                                 From 2014 I have delivered over 2,000 reflexology treatments to cancer patients in the Fortuneswell Ward and out-patients attending Fortuneswell Chemotherapy Department at Dorchester County Hospital entirely funded by the local charity The Fortuneswell Cancer Trust. The project has developed into a valued addition to the … Read more

Holistic management for medically induced menopausal hot flashes.

with Abbigail  Langstone –Wring. BSc  SBRCP  MAR  DHom Director International Council of Reflexologists Holistic management for medically induced menopausal hot flashes.                                  A monthly Health and Wellbeing event is held for patients that have finished their cancer treatment at Dorchester County Hospital. The aim of these meetings is to help patients (and their loved ones … Read more

Footprints in Florida

Attending conferences offers opportunities to gain information and to meet with friends and colleagues. Recently at such an event I was fortunate to catch-up with Lynne ( VRT reflexology ) Carol ( Nerve reflexology ) and Sally (RLD reflexology) I had been unsuccessful in gaining a place on Sally’s Reflexology Lymph Drainage RLD course held … Read more