I am pleased to announce Clinical Reflexology and Intolerance Test appointments will be available from Thurs 3rd December.

To keep myself and my practice Covid-Secure I am unable to offer appointments to:

  • Children or young adults in education.
  • Any person or member of their family that has been diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Any person or member of their family that has been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and told to isolate.
  • Any person or member of their family travelling from abroad or a tier 3 location.

Clinical Reflexology.  3/4hour treatment  £25.00
The term Clinical Reflexology denotes reflexologists with advanced specialist evidenced training competent to deliver safe and effective treatment to NHS patients in NHS clinical settings as part of a professional clinical team. eg. Primary Care = UK. NHS. GP practice or Secondary Care = UK. NHS Hospital. Patients can be assured of receiving professional treatment of the highest standard.

At my clinic I have provided professional reflexology treatments for over 25 years during which time I have undertaken a range of advanced evidenced based training both nationally and internationally. As a Clinical Reflexologist I have 7 years experience as a Community Complementary Therapist /Clinical Reflexologist Volunteer delivering reflexology to NHS patients in their home as part of a specialist palliative care team operating from a local hospice.  I have 4 years clinical experience of delivering Clinical Reflexology to Fortuneswell cancer ward and chemotherapy patients in a NHS hospital as part of NHS Dorset County Hospital Cancer Services team. This experience led to the development of Professional Clinical Reflexology PCR – The Langstone-Wring Method TM   Offering training opportunities to qualified reflexologists to expand existing skills and build confidence to treat cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment and beyond, as well as patients with other complex health conditions including auto-immune disorders.

Patients attending my clinic can expect a unique treatment experience that will be both therapeutic and beneficial and will take away knowledge of self-help techniques.

Reflexology is described as the application of gentle yet firm pressure to “mapped” areas on the hands, feet and ears, thought to represent the organs and systems of the body. My thoughts are that the neural pathways accessed via reflexology share a close relationship with the meridians and trigger points of acupressure/acupuncture. By gaining access to all areas of the body affected by disrupted nerve flow this therapy offers a unique opportunity to calm and rebalance the body, reduce inflammation and pain and in doing so promote a healing action. Suitable for all ages, reflexology offers help with acute or chronic conditions affecting the Muscular/Skeletal, Respiratory, Hormonal, Digestive, Reproductive, Circulatory, Lymphatic and Neurological systems of the body.  Evidenced specialist techniques may be beneficial in helping with the symptoms associated with diagnosed conditions such as Cancer, Parkinson’s, MS, Arthritis and Auto-Immune disorders.

Qualifications and learning experience: 
Acupuncture for Pain – Beijing China. 
ITEC Reflex Zone Therapy.  
ITEC Anatomy & Physiology. 
Crane School Reflexology Diploma.  
VRT Booth Method.
ART -Tony Porter.
Nerve Reflexology- Nico Pauly
RLD-Sally Kay.
VTCT Swedish Massage.
Indian Head Massage.

Beryl Crane, Hanne Marquardt, Lynne Booth, Dr Manzanares, Inge Dougans, Tony Porter, Lorne Sorenson, Nico Pauly, Sally Kay.  

Professional Memberships:
Association of Reflexologists MAR.
British Register of Complementary Practitioners – Reflexology Senior Member SBRCP.
Complementary Therapists Association CThA
Federation of Holistic Therapists MFHT.
Crane School of Reflexology MCSRx.
International Therapy Examining Council ITEC.
Booth Method VRT Network.
College of Medicine.

International  Council of Reflexologists ICR Director 2013-2017
Awarded Senior Status ICNM operating BRCP -Reflexology. 2013
Award “Best Complementary Practitioner” Runner-Up ICNM 2015
Award “Research Award “ International Council of Reflexologists ICR 2017.     


Counselling. Available as part of Clinical Reflexology treatment.
As a Complementary Practitioner I have found talking therapies have long been a valued adjunct to physical therapy in the provision of holistic treatment. I provide a relaxing and safe space with time for patients to express their worries, whilst relaxing with a clinical reflexology treatment. Research tells us that un-managed stress and anxiety are amongst the most common causes of ill health. Sudden emotional shock or trauma will affect the physical functioning of the body. Symptoms of “panic” such as increased heart rate, palpitations, raised blood pressure, shallow breathing, nausea, sweating are some of the most common physical responses to the “fight or flight” trigger of the sympathetic nervous system. I endeavour to help patients recognise and manage their physical symptoms by sharing knowledge of safe and effective techniques to calm and soothe the nervous system. Actively being involved in managing their symptoms encourages patients to feel more in control and able to cope. Enabling them to work towards finding their own solutions for problem solving. This approach has also been shown to be useful when helping patients with long term illness, grief and loss.

My holistic approach to helping with a range of skills, techniques and experience offers patients a professional “Listening” experience and self-help skills to take-away.

Qualifications and learning experience :
Cert Counselling Skills.
BSc Degree Health & Social Studies.
Bereavement and Loss.
Skills for Palliative Care.
Professional Listening.
Emotional Freedom Technique EFT.

Food/Environmental Intolerance Testing. 1 hour consultation and treatment £40.00
Clarification of terminology. Food /Environmental Allergy are sudden onset and severe in reaction (anaphylaxis ) medically diagnosed as a potentially life threatening condition. Patients that have undergone NHS testing and found to have this condition will be advised to seek immediate medical help. Avoid contact with identified triggers and issued with appropriate medication (Epipen).
Food or Environmental Intolerance/Sensitivity is non-life threatening but often responsible for developing unpleasant symptoms. Symptoms may first appear following an episode of emotional or physical stress or trauma, from accident, infection, surgery or any other source. Stress/trauma will affect the immune system. If the immune system has become compromised through such an episode the chances of reacting to intolerances is magnified. The lower the immune system the more intolerant you become. The first stage of a pattern of intolerance is irritation. Examples of this include nausea or acid reflux of the stomach. IBS, constipation or loose stools of the bowel, wheezing or shortness of breath in the respiratory system and wheals, urticaria or itching of the skin. Closely followed by Inflammation. Any inflammatory reaction will affect the normal functioning of many of the organs and systems of the body including the muscular/skeletal system. Most commonly affected are the organs associated with Digestion, Breathing and Skin. Frequent symptoms of food/environmental intolerance include IBS, Low energy, Weight gain/loss, Migraine Headache, Skin Rashes and links have been found to Asthma and Eczema especially in children. Low energy and poor sleep patterns may be attributed to chronic intolerances. The results from testing will highlight substances to be avoided. Eliminating identified foodstuffs from the diet for a specified period of time offers the body respite from irritation. This will lower inflammation, allowing the body to re-balance encourages healing and promotes the return to homoeostasis-normal functioning.
I offer two methods of testing, Kinesiology or Muscle Testing this is a safe method of ascertaining if certain products or substances can have a negative effect on the body.

I offer patients information to enable them to make safe and effective changes to their diet and lifestyle. Advice on Nutritional Supplements, Homoeopathic and Herbal remedies and recommendations for healthy eating regimes.

Bioenergy testing via the Vegatest method.  Originally developed from the electro-acupuncture of Voll, and further developed by Dr Helmut Schimmel. The Vegatest Method is safe, effective, painless and non-invasive. Used to identify measured individual intolerances and provide information on Vitamin and Mineral status. Tests can also give an indication of the energy status of organs and systems, identify imbalances and supply information concerning Homoeopathic or Herbal remedies to determine tolerated and effective medicaments.  

Qualifications and learning experience:
I was trained at The Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine in Southampton under the tutelage of Prof George Lewith, Dr Julian Kenyon and Dr David Dowson. I attended advanced VEGA BER training seminars with Prof G Lewith and Dr H Schimmel.

Prof G Lewith, Dr Julian Kenyon, Dr David Dowson, Dr H Schimmel, Dr R Martinez
VEGABER training.
VEGA BER Advanced training.
Complex Homoeopathic Prescribing.
Diploma Food & Environmental Allergies .                                    

Nutrition. Nutritional advice available as part of a Food Intolerance Test.
Understanding the importance of a balanced diet and the role nutrients such as vitamins and minerals play in building and maintaining a healthy immune system is vital for recovery from illness and prolonged health and wellbeing.
The vast majority of patients that visit my clinic have symptoms arising from issues in the digestive system. There is evidence to show that faulty digestion can be a symptom of early signs of disease or be part of a causal chain in disease development. As with most conditions the earlier the detection the more favourable the outcome. Symptoms of nausea, indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux and bowel disorders such as irregular stools, bloating, cramping and gas may all be helped by adjusting how and what we consume.  Identifying and eliminating substances that irritate the digestive system may provide a simple solution to long term symptom relief.  To maintain a good standard of general health from birth to old age requires making changes to lifestyle and diet.  Eating a healthy balanced diet relies on understanding basic nutrition. Once taught in schools this knowledge is now mainly obtained via the media and food producers with vested interests. The NHS has produced a guideline for healthy eating and it shows a plate divided by coloured sections depicting carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables with recommended portion sizes. (NHS Website ) Chronic health conditions or following illness where much medication has been prescribed will often leave the digestive system unable to function normally. These imbalances then require further medication and so on.

To break this cycle and to address symptoms I offer patients individual advice on how to make changes to reduce symptoms, improve digestion, build strength and stamina and supplement the diet to support the immune -system, vital in the fight against disease and to maintain health.    

Qualifications and learning experience:
VEGABER and Advanced BER Training.
Diploma Advanced Nutrition.
Iridology Diploma.
Registered Iridologist.

Homoeopathy. Homoeopathic remedy suggestions available as part of a Food Intolerance Test.
Homoeopathic principles and practice has provided a range of natural remedies to support health and wellbeing over centuries.  This safe and effective form of treatment founded on the holistic understanding of treating the body as a whole ( mind, body, spirit) is suitable for all ages. Remedy selection is guided by condition specific and/or constitutional indicators and remedy prescription may be of a singular remedy or a complex of two or more remedies. Remedy potency and dose is matched to each individual patient and may often change through a period of treatment. Remedies can be taken internally as drops, pills or administered externally as creams, balms. Many medicines of to-day began their journey as homoeopathic/herbal remedies. Homoeopathic remedies have also been successful in treating animals. Dorset is fortunate to have the Galen Homoeopathic Pharmacy. West Stafford 01305 263996

Bach Flower Remedies
These natural plant remedies were developed from holistic principles and the understanding that for every physical symptom there is an underlying emotional cause. The original Twelve healers discovered by Edward Bach (1933) were developed to address the disharmony between the mind and spirit. Unhappiness, fear, mental torture, lassitude and resignation Bach believed lowered the body’s vitality thus promoting dis-ease. Remedy choice is guided by the patients mood, outlook of mind, what and how the patient is feeling.

There are 38 remedies that may be used as a single remedy or several remedies may be taken as a complex. The well recognised Rescue Remedy is a complex of several remedies and has a reputation for helping in times of emergency and shock.

I offer patients advice on homoeopathic and herbal preparations that may provide symptom relief or help with chronic health conditions. All patients taking medical prescribed medications are advised to seek advice from their pharmacist before taking any remedies. 

Qualifications and learning experiences.
Diploma Homoeopathic Medicine.
VEGABER Complex Homoeopathic Prescribing.
Diploma Advanced Herbalism.