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About Me

I am a second generation Complementary Practitioner who has been fortunate to have had a highly respected and talented Naturopath for a Father. Dad specialized in Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Clinical Ecology (Bio-Energetic Medicine), Homoeopathy and Herbalism and was one of the original Vega testers. His holistic approach to healthcare and symptom management was my inspiration and the catalyst for my interest in all aspects of Complementary Medicine.


Since my initial complementary medicine qualification in 1990 I have continued to study both in the UK and internationally gaining qualifications, skills and experience of a wide and varied range of therapies and models of healthcare.

1981-82 Stage 1&2  Teaching Cert. City & Guilds FETC Teaching Cert. Bristol.

1990 Diploma Homoeopathic Medicine.

1992. Diploma Iridology.

1993 CSCT Cert Counselling Skills.

1993 BER Medicine (Vega Testing).

1994 BER Advanced Practice (Vega Testing).

1994 Diploma Reflexology.

1994 Reflex Zone Therapy  ITEC.

1994 Anatomy & Physiology ITEC.

1998 Acupuncture for Pain Control Beijing China.

2002 BSc Degree Health & Social Studies.

2006 Thermo-Auricular Therapy.

2007 City & Guilds Assessor Award A1 & A2.

2009 Cert Swedish Massage VTCT.

2009 Cert Indian Head Massage.

2011 Cert Basic & Advanced VRT Booth Method.

2013 Nerve Reflexology.

2014 Palliative Care Skills.

2015 Mindfulness.

2019 Reflexology Lymph Drainage.

2019 College of Medicine Foundation Course.

2019 Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT.

2020 NIHR Good Clinical Practice

2020 Cross-infection in a Post-Covid-19 World

2020 The Health, Safety & Hygiene-Returning to Work Covid 19

2020 Clinical Infection Prevention and Control   NHS

2020 Basic Life Support  NHS

2020 Moving & Handling  NHS

2020 Fire Safety   NHS

2020  Equality, Diversity and Human Rights  NHS

2020 Preventing Radicalisation-Basic Prevent Awareness    NHS

2020 Data Security Awareness NHS

2020 Non-Clinical Mental capacity& DoLS     NHS
Non-Clinical Safeguarding Adults      NHS
Non-Clinical Safeguarding Children  NHS

Award Senior Status ICNM operating the BRCP 2013.

Award “Best Complementary Practitioner”  Runner-Up ICNM 2015.

Award “Research Award “  International Council of Reflexologists ICR 2017.

Award Winning Fortuneswell Clinical Reflexology Audit 4923 Urgent and Integrated Care Division A. NHS DCHFT 2020.

Professional Memberships

MAR Assoc of Reflexologists.

ICNM operating BRCP.

FHT Federation of Holistic Therapists.

CThA Complementary Therapy Association.


College of Medicine and Integrated Health.

RCCM Research Council for Complementary Medicine

Conferences Attended/Training Seminars

Meeting and gaining knowledge from some amazing pioneers in the field of complementary medicine through attending international conferences and training seminars has enabled me to develop a unique complementary practice in Dorset. Below are some of the conferences I have attended or presented at.

Cert Acupuncture for Pain Control 1998 Beijing China.

International Council of Reflexologists Conference Attendee 2011 Portugal.

International Council of Reflexologists Conference Attendee 2013 South Africa.

Australian Assoc of Reflexologists Conference Attendee 2014 Melbourne Australia.

RCCM Conference Attendee/Co-Presenter 2016 Warwick University UK.

Australian Assoc of Reflexologists Conference Attendee/co-Presenter 2016 Perth Australia.

Federation of Holistic Therapists Conference Attendee 2018 The Kings Fund London UK.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage. 2019 Tampa Florida USA.

College of Medicine 2019, Perry Brohn Centre Bristol UK.


Healing – A Two Way Process.

I obtained a City & Guilds Further Education Teaching Certificate FETC ( credit ) in 1982 and in 2005 delivered VTCT level 3 Diploma in Reflexology/Anatomy & Physiology at Weymouth College in Dorset. I became a City & Guilds Assessor in 2007.

As a complementary practitioner I believe engaging patients in their own healing to be effective and reflective of good practice. Passing on skills to patients that enable them to manage their own symptoms has proved to be both therapeutic and beneficial. Teaching simple techniques to help patients manage the most common symptom or sign of distress PAIN they say empowers them. Patients feel they gain some control in circumstances where they often tell me they feel powerless.  Empowering patients with knowledge enables them to be an active participant in the healing process, confident to challenge and make decisions that are right for them.  Obtaining patient feedback evidence from delivery of 3,000 Clinical Reflexology treatments in two clinical settings a NHS hospital over 4 years I felt confident the time was right to develop and launch a training course for qualified reflexologists. With the aim of sharing my knowledge and experiences of working within the NHS and to encourage other reflexologists to feel confident to treat the complex needs of the chronically complex or fragile patient that we as professional therapists are seeing more regularly in our clinics.

Professional Clinical Reflexology PCR-The Langstone-Wring MethodTM  AoR and CThA approved CPD Training workshops began in 2018 and more are planned for 2019 (See Training Page). The evidenced Method focuses on a “Sliding” technique of delivery thus reducing pressure on a specific area as with orthodox reflexology techniques. It was developed to reduce the “fight or flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system and concentrates on balancing the autonomic nervous system. Providing a deep sense of relaxation that has shown to be therapeutic  and beneficial in helping the associated symptoms and many side effects from cancer treatment.

The photo shows a cheque for £600.00 being presented by PCR- The Langstone-Wring MethodTM 2018 workshop participants to Dr David Evans the chair of the Fortuneswell Cancer Charity.