Advanced Reflexology Training in Dorset

A 2019 NHS clinical audit of over 2,000 Clinical Reflexology treatments carried out at Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust DCHFT  provided evidence of the therapeutic and beneficial effects of Clinical Reflexology for cancer patients attending DCHFT for cancer treatment. The total number of Clinical Reflexology treatments delivered at DCHFT from 2014 to 2019 was over 5,000.  Sponsored entirely by the local charity Fortuneswell Cancer Trust (FCT) this valued Mon-Fri service has become an integral part of the cancer service at DCHFT.

As the service developed to meet a growing demand from cancer patients it became clear that I needed help to deliver a safe, effective daily service. I needed to find therapists that not only had a wide range of experience but also a work ethic that matched mine. My search started at the same time as I started to develop my training course. The aim of which would be to pass on my knowledge and equip qualified reflexologists with advanced knowledge and skills to enable them to feel competent and confident to treat cancer patients in private practice and clinical settings. My training course began in 2018 after being put through rigorous scrutiny to meet industry standards and be awarded CPD accreditation by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

On the first training course I was fortunate to meet Lorna Spicer. Lorna is a self-employed experienced reflexologist that runs a successful practice in Portesham and had previously worked alongside physiotherapists at a NHS MS Centre. She enrolled on my course to expand her skills set to enable her to work with cancer patients. Lorna joined me at DCHFT in 2019. I was fortunate to meet Jane Cruickshank when she attended my training in 2019. Jane is a self-employed experienced reflexologist that had set up a successful therapy business in Spain and now runs her practice in Dorchester. Jane had personal experience of nursing cancer patients and wished to learn advanced techniques to enable her to work in this field in the UK.  Jane joined Lorna and myself at DCHFT in 2020.

Together we have become a highly professional, motivated and effective team of Clinical Reflexologists working within a NHS hospital setting. We all still operate our independent private clinics from our homes, but when together we share information and support each other through difficult days.

The attached photo shows attendees of the only training course able to run in 2020. Originally there were three training dates these were cancelled due to the current Covid-19 situation. However, Oct 10th saw eight students able to attend training at the Hotel Rembrandt in Weymouth Dorset. You will note I am holding a cheque this is the £100.00 donation to FCT (10% of all course fees is donated to FCT ) which brings the total of training donations to FCT to £700. We are all wearing masks which were donned for the theory session that took place with social distancing. PPE donning and doffing procedures were illustrated and followed during the practical section of training. This ensured that attendees were competent and confident in the use of appropriate PPE when working with high risk vulnerable patients. All attendees were instructed on the need for constant referral to risk assessment procedures and to operate with a best practice policy.

2020 has been a challenging year and with the news of the latest lockdown an extremely frustrating year. Training dates have been announced and advertised for 2021. I already have a full course for April.  Let’s hope we can look forward to a more stable 2021.

Keep your immune system strong and support your mental and physical wellbeing.

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