I am pleased to announce that I intend to re-open my practice from April 12th 2021. In the meantime I will be operating a waiting list please visit “Treatments” and contact me via the form below. Thank you for your understanding.

All future appointments need to be booked through this website.

To keep myself and my practice Covid-Secure I am unable to offer appointments to:

  • Children or young adults in education.
  • Any person or member of their family that has been diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Any person or member of their family that has been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and told to isolate.
  • Any person or member of their family travelling from abroad or a tier 3 location.

Please view the following Patient Information Sheet regarding Covid Secure appointments. Further information can be found reading my June 2020 article here.

It has been brought to my attention that as a Complementary Practitioner I am not permitted to advertise Bioresonance or Vega Testing to diagnose medical conditions such as Allergy or Food Intolerance. This official ruling is due to there being a lack of conclusive evidence from published double-blind studies that electrodermal or any method other than restriction diets can effectively identify food intolerances. To ensure that I don’t unwittingly break advertising codes I have made changes to my “Treatments” page and all advertising.

If you would like to book an appointment with me please complete the form below, and I will be in touch.