There are four pairs of sinuses inside the skull. The Maxillary sinuses are located at your cheekbones. The Frontal sinuses are located at the lower centre of your forehead. The Ethmoid sinuses are located between your eyes at the sides of the bridge of your nose. The Sphenoid sinuses are located behind your nose. Known … Read more

Heart Health

As a Complementary Practitioner I encourage patients to make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle to improve general health, sense of wellbeing and quality of life. As risks to health increase with age and none more so than to the heart I decided to visit the British Heart Foundation BHF website and came across … Read more

Back Muscles Aching?

With the longer days of summer here those amongst us that engage with warm weather sporting activities or spend time working in the garden may experience backache. This can be a simple result of overwork of muscles not normally used such as in bending, stretching and twisting add to this lifting, pulling and overreaching and … Read more

Holistic help with Tendinitis and Bursitis

Tendinitis is described as acute or chronic pain localised to a tendon that attaches muscle to bone with a dull or dragging sensation that limits range of movement. Affecting the achilles at the back of the ankle, biceps in front of the shoulder, pollicis brevis and longus of the thumb, upper patella of the knee, … Read more

Clinical Reflexology accredited NHS data evidenced CPD training

On Sat 2nd March at the Weymouth College site my Professional Clinical Reflexology PCR-The Langstone-Wring Method™accredited and evidenced CPD training took place. My specialist training course is for qualified reflexologists to gain necessary skills and confidence to work with oncology patients from Diagnosis through Treatment and Beyond in NHS clinical settings. I am asked is … Read more

A working model of Nutritional Therapy

Having studied and gained extensive professional experience helping patients with problems affecting their digestive system. I thought the following information might prove useful for people struggling to cope with stomach symptoms such as indigestion, heartburn/acid reflux. Or bowel such as bloating, gas, irregular stools (constipation or loose) and suspect that what and how they are … Read more


Being encouraged by health care professionals to keep as mobile as possible to sustain good health and wellbeing is sound advice but not always as easy as it sounds to follow especially by those experiencing painful, stiff or swollen feet. We know that a firm foundation is needed for stability of any structure, if we … Read more

2024 Celebrating 30yrs of Reflexology Practice

I am pleased to announce that 2024 marks 30yrs as a professional reflexologist in Weymouth Dorset. The start of a new year provides the perfect opportunity to not only make resolutions for positive changes in the coming year but also to reflect on the past. Looking back can be therapeutic, a chance for letting go … Read more

Patient Led Assessment of Care Environments (PLACE)

It is vitally important for the development of any service, public or private to obtain feedback concerning quality and performance of that service from the service user. The National Health Service is no different and the collection of patient experience feedback is considered a valued addition to any audit/assessment process. I first became aware of … Read more

Winter Self-Care with Vitamins & Minerals

Continuing the theme from my last article that discussed how we might assess our individual levels of resilience and using various models gain a deeper understanding of how to create change to improve wellbeing. The following information is intended to explore how we can improve our diets using supplements through the winter months to improve … Read more