Treating Neck Problems with Clinical Reflexology

A stiff or painful neck is a common physical condition I regularly treat with Clinical Reflexology. Acute or chronic neck issues may originate from genetic or birth defects, accident or trauma, poor posture, age related degeneration and diseases such as arthritis. Whilst symptoms arising from problems in the neck such as headaches, shoulder mobility, tingling fingers etc… … Read more

Dilemmas and Difficult Decisions

We are all faced with making decisions daily. Some are easier to make than others. Such as what to cook for dinner this evening  ? the solution is often guided by what is readily accessible in the fridge or freezer. If nothing suitable is found a trip to the local store will provide choices and … Read more

Holistic Approaches for IBS Management. Part 1 – Diet & Nutrition

Patients diagnosed with the medical condition IBS often complain of experiencing a wide range of distressing symptoms. Reporting the acute or first stage of symptom development as being intestinal pain, bloating and gas with constipation or loose stools. Stomach symptoms at the second stage may involve indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux. Whilst the third or … Read more

Spring Cleaning My Professional Practice.

From the title of this month’s article you might be forgiven for thinking I am getting out dusters and polish, mops and buckets to clean my therapy room. I have de-cluttered and cleaned my therapy room to the extent I would quite happily invite the bug police ( should they exist ) to enter and … Read more

Childrens Mental Health

Due to increased risk associated with the highly transmissible new strain of covid 19 and the significant rise in local covid-19 cases my private practice remains closed. Please visit my website for up-date announcements. In the meantime I will be operating an appointment waiting list with existing patients being given priority.Thank you for your understanding … Read more

Welcome 2021 and shrug off the winter blues!

Due to increased risk associated with the highly transmissible new strain of covid 19 and the significant rise in local covid-19 cases I decided to suspend my practice from Jan 1st 2021. This decision has been taken to minimize risk to my patients and myself. I hope this situation will only impact on Jan appointments. … Read more

Wishing Everyone a Healthy 2021

I am pleased to announce appointments for Clinical Reflexology and Intolerance/Allergy Testing will be resumed from Thurs 3rd December. I will be operating a phased return. For more information see “Appointments” for availability. 2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. I am pleased to say that during this November lockdown myself and my two … Read more

Advanced Reflexology Training in Dorset

A 2019 NHS clinical audit of over 2,000 Clinical Reflexology treatments carried out at Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust DCHFT  provided evidence of the therapeutic and beneficial effects of Clinical Reflexology for cancer patients attending DCHFT for cancer treatment. The total number of Clinical Reflexology treatments delivered at DCHFT from 2014 to 2019 was over … Read more

Best Practice

Whilst preparing my notes for teaching an advanced CPD reflexology training event I revisited a section in which I cover Best Practice. I am often asked to clarify Evidence Based Practice and Best Practice . Whilst these terms are familiar within the many and varied areas of health care provision (and certain areas of business) … Read more