Coping in Isolation- A Personal Perspective

The very word Isolation is alien to me. Running a successful practice for 30 years and working at Dorset County Hospital on the Fortuneswell ward, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy departments since 2014 I have daily contact with a substantial number of people.

Due to an evolving situation over which I have no control that has been caused by the Covid-19 virus I find myself having to change my way of life to protect myself and others.

Having to close my practice, cancel training days and the reflexology service for DCH has financial implications (we all have bills to pay) However, apart from the physical symptoms associated with this virus my worry is for the mental wellbeing of myself and others in similar circumstances to myself. 

Being a compulsive list maker also an eternal optimist with a glass half full and fingers crossed. I decided to create a routine of To-Do jobs. I feel I need structure and purpose especially at this time as we don’t know how long this situation may last. I am planning optimistically to be back up and running in June but in the meantime here is my To-Do list. You will note that cleaning the oven is at the very bottom of the list, a last resort.

  1. Whilst weather is good be outside and get the garden into shape.
  2. Clean the car.
  3. If the weather is bad finish 2019 Audit of DCH Reflexology Service and Research Protocol.
  4. Complete 2018/2019 accounts.
  5. Up-date website.
  6. Spring clean wardrobe, anything not worn in the last 2 years for the charity bag including shoes!
  7. Deep clean surgery including the bookcases.
  8. Plan some reflexology training events for later in the year.
  9. Spring clean my home.
  10. Do the Ironing.
  11. Clean the oven!

Realistically this could keep me busy until around August.

It goes without saying that whilst working my way through this list I am keeping in contact with friends and family via telephone and email. Being isolated needn’t necessarily mean that you feel lonely and keeping busy is a wonderful antidote to having to stay at home.

I have contacted my patients and have offered to be an E-Mail friend, if anybody reading this is finding their situation difficult to cope with please send me a message and I will reply.

I do just want to mention the wonderful job the NHS and the other services are doing for us all at this very difficult time. My daughter works on Fortuneswell ward at DCH despite being a Mum of 4 she has taken extra shifts to cover for staff that are unwell I am very proud of her and all my colleagues at DCH. ©AW/2020          

There is more information on Covid-19 on the NHS Website. Keep yourselves fit and well, both physically and mentally.