Embracing Change

The world is trying to manage a pandemic that has produced devastating effects. All governments have had to make difficult and often un-popular decisions for the safety of their populations. I feel extremely grateful that I live in the UK and have a health service that has risen to the challenges this virus poses. Here in Dorset we are blessed with being surrounded by wonderful countryside and of course the most amazing coastline. Being able to walk in these peaceful surroundings can have the most profound effect on wellbeing. Concentrating the mind and allowing us time to assess what is really important in our lives.

The last few months have been challenging for everyone. Many have contacted me via email to ask advice on health and wellbeing issues. The majority asking how to stay mentally up-beat. This has proved difficult for some especially for those living alone or with long term health issues. Worries that seem to gravitate from the need for financial security seem worse when there is no one to share them with and help put them into perspective. Thankfully, it has been remarkable how technology has helped us overcome some of these difficulties. However, for those of us that are thinking of returning to a normal working life at some point. It might be worth a thought that pre-Covid 19 ways of working will not necessarily return. We may need to find new more creative and innovative solutions and engage willingly with previously thought obscure models of working practice across all sectors of services to secure a healthy financial future.

With a reported growing uncertainty people have become fearful of how they are going to cope and of their future. Fear is a negative emotion that can impact on physical and mental health. Creating symptoms of stress and affecting quality of sleep. My antidote to fear is knowledge. When something is explained to me in simple language I digest the information and come to a level of understanding that changes my behaviour. This is how I learn.  Keeping people informed using jargon free language with clear guidelines and instructions is the way forward to avoid unnecessary stress worry and fear.

I can’t remember a period of time when it has been absolutely vital that we take personal responsibility for our own and others safety by practicing social distancing. Inevitably this responsibility comes at a price. Putting us firmly in the position of having to evaluate what matters and making decisions about behaviours that not only affect us but society as a whole. We have had to learn that we need to change and adapt not only our perceptions of our every-day life but more importantly our every-day actions.

During this time the reflexology service for cancer patients at DCHFT has been suspended so has my training workshops and my private practice. I am not sure when I will be able to re-open. In the meantime I have been offering information, practical help and emotional guidance via email. In the form of mindfulness techniques and passing on EFT ”Tapping” techniques to help and support patients. Good mental health is just as worthy of consideration as good physical health.

The reality is that experience teaches us we can cope, adapt and change. Innovation and creativity with a good dose of common sense will provide solutions. Moving forward we will all need to embrace change and not be fearful of it as it comes from engaging in free thought and problem solving. Which is something positive we can all do anywhere.

Keep yourselves fit and well both physically and mentally.

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