Holistic Approach to help Symptoms of Menopause

I have been contacted by ladies seeking help with the many and varied symptoms of Menopause. The peri- menopausal stage marks the beginning of changes to female fertility. These changes affect the menstrual cycle and for some cognitive function, weight, energy, sleep, digestion and so on and so on…….. In other words the normal functioning of the female mind, body and spirit. On a positive note not every female will be affected in fact many coast from peri-menopausal through menopause and reach a very happy and healthy post menopausal stage in their life having experienced little or no symptoms whatsoever. The ladies that contact me are not so fortunate and recount a wide range of symptoms that negatively impact on their quality of life (and that their loved ones). The menopause is a natural process by which the fertility of a female declines and finally ceases. This in itself can be a deeply emotional realisation for some, for others a thankful end to dreaded monthly painful and inconvenient periods. Adapting to the changes and managing  symptoms is a very personal journey. As each female will experience her own menopause just as she experienced her own puberty. Depending on the intensity, frequency and impact of symptoms of menopause the diagnosis and subsequent discussion of symptom treatment is one for the GP who can confirm diagnosis via blood tests. Treatment may be offered in the form of Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT. The pro’s and con’s of HRT should be explained by the GP and decisions made should be informed personal choice. For ladies that have experienced medical interventions (surgery/chemotherapy) that induced menopause and for those that would like to manage symptoms using complementary methods holistic options are available. Based on the understanding that the neurological systems of the body and the endocrine (hormonal) system share a close relationship. Clinical Reflexology has shown to help calm the nerves, relax the body and mind and ease pain. Nutritional Therapy may suggest making changes to diet by looking at what and how you are eating. This may help as it is recognised that certain foods have a stimulating effect on the nervous system and irregular eating will affect energy state. Supplementing the diet with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E (Evening Primrose Oil) may prove useful for some. Counselling or talking therapies may help by giving the opportunity to talk through “worries” and enable decision making. Feelings of being overwhelmed with daily responsibilities at this time can link with sleeplessness. Subsequent Lifestyle adjustments may prove beneficial.  Finally using Homoepathic or Herbal remedies that are symptom specific e.g Sage tea for hot flushes or that support the whole person such as the constitutional  remedy Pulsatilla have shown effective for some. Please remember if you are taking medically prescribed medication check with your pharmacist before taking any natural remedies including Vitamins and Minerals. Remember to be kind to yourself and take some time out for you ! take a walk in nature, clear your mind  and engage your sensory nervous system………sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing you’ll be surprised how good this simple exercise can make you feel.