Abbigail’s amazing insight and wisdom channelled through the power of Clinical Reflexology has made an incredible difference to the quality of my life. Abbigail has given me the tools that have empowered me to heal myself. The methods are effective and always life changing. – Dr S Moseley.

Abbigail gave us a fascinating and enlightening talk on Clinical Reflexology. We discovered that there was so much we could do to help ourselves. Abbigail’s demonstrations led to much amusement, but we learnt a lot. We invited Abbigail back to teach a follow-up workshop which created confidence in our own abilities. – WI.

Abbigail Langstone-Wring’s nutritional advice has been invaluable. Using the Vegatest method Abbigail identified those foods and products that I can’t tolerate, and most importantly was able to advise on which minerals and vitamins needed adjusting. This has steadily rebuilt my immune system and kept me healthy. This together with Clinical Reflexology, creates a holistic therapy which can be nothing but beneficial. – M.

I’m writing to thank you for all your kindness to Mum over the years. – H.

Been meaning to send you a “Thank You” for ages! Our baby arrived safely and naturally 10 days overdue! He’s 4 months now already. Thank you for all my reflexology during pregnancy, my pelvis is all back to normal see you again for some relaxation. – C.

Thank you for your wonderful help with my feet and ankles when I was in the Fortuneswell unit recently. I’m pleased to say that I’m now home with warm, pink feet that I can move a little. Carry on all the good work. – A.

Please could you write your own words to my friend, as you say such kind things that help. I enclose a £15.00 cheque for your work at Dorchester Hospital. – J.

I have achieved such success since I saw you last month. I have been mostly pain free since abstaining from my “list”, have slept better, my mood is totally calm . – C.

Thank you for all your help. – J.

Thank you for all the care, kindness and treatment over the years. – S.

Thank you so much for coming to speak to our WI last week. We were all fascinated by your talk and have picked up some helpful information. I’m glad you brought up the Dorchester Hospital Trust I am joining and I will encourage others to do the same. – M.

Thank you so much for all your help. – L.

Thank you so much for coming to give us a talk. Everyone found it very interesting and informative especially the work you are doing in the Fortuneswell unit. – M.

Thank you for a lovely talk “Stress Busting“ It was enjoyed by all. – S.

Thank you for talking at our WI group. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. – J.

Thank you for helping me through the last few years with all the food and healthy advice. – F.

Thank you so much for the reflexology you gave me for my back it really relieved the pain. – R.

Many thanks we are both feeling a lot better, have recommended you to friends as we are so impressed. – L.

Thank you so much for coming to talk to our WI. Everyone was delighted with your expert talk and demonstration of reflexology and we will be inviting you back again. – V.

Thank you for your help and advice . Looking forward to trying the new diet and hopefully being pain free in the body at least. – A.

How can I thank you enough for all the help you have given me. I feel so well in myself now and can walk without pain – such a treat. – S.

I can’t express how grateful we are to you! I can not put into words how much you have helped us with our son. Since he was born 7 years ago we had trouble feeding him. He was throwing up every single milk time as a baby. He lost weight and doctors were helpless. He was 2 years old he finally got onto solids. He still threw up every mealtime only small amounts of food stayed in his system we have been backwards and forwards to doctors concerned about his eating and weight but no one was able to help. We had specialists involved dieticians, feeding specialists, physio OT. Nothing made him eat or keep his food down. Since I came to you with him we changed his diet and he has improved. He started eating large amounts, demanding new foods stopped gagging. At first we were concerned as he had restricted his diet so much himself that by changing his diet would he loose more weight. But the opposite was the effect we can’t believe what is happening the result is visible to everybody and everybody is amazed. You have given us something that is priceless. No doctor, health visitor or specialist or any type of strategy could do this. You have helped us to get our son to eat and put on weight. Words cannot describe how we feel. Thank you is not enough. – S.

I came to see you about 6 months ago. Since changing the way I eat I no longer have hypoglycaemic turns and go to the toilet regularly. For the first time since I can remember funny turns are no longer part of my daily routine. Thank you for all your help. – L.

I’m high in the mountains of Northern Pakistan and thank you for your advice that mended me sufficiently to bring me here. – C.

Thanks for your love and care over another difficult year. – L.

Thank you so much for your input to the staff retreat. You were so well organised and your skill and passion for your subject really came over. A really inspiring session. – S.

Thank for your kindness regarding my arm. No payment would be accepted so have enclosed Euros for a bottle of pop at your conference. – K.

Thank you very much for seeing me yesterday. I feel much better knowing I can do something to help myself. – M.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. – S.

My daughter lost her battle with cancer.  It’s been just awful on many levels. Thanks so much for your care. – W.

Many, many thanks for all your help, I think you are wonderful. I will ring you in about 4-5 weeks to up-date you on my progress. – F.

Thank you for doing the testing for me. I am very grateful. Will send your fee to hospital. Let me know your thoughts on teaching, when you are ready. – V.

Thank you so much for your time. We were all very impressed with your knowledge and presentation of reflexology. – The Bandana Group.

Thank you so much for coming to talk to our WI last night at such short notice. We were all fascinated with the “Eat yourself Well” theme and the evening gave us all much food for thought. – V.

Many thanks for your kind words and support. – M.

Thank you so much for your kind support. – A.

Thank you for your most interesting and informative talk on complementary therapies. We have sent your fee to the hospice. – P.

A very big thank you. I am feeling quite a bit better my taste slowly improving and generally feeling that the vitamins have helped a lot, but most of all the wonderful reflexology and allergy testing too. A very big thank you. – D.

Thank you so much for your advice, I have been having mint and sage with hot water, hopefully it will help with the hot flushes. – C.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I’m really enjoying reading your book. – S.

So sorry to hear of Mr Jackson’s death, may he rest in peace. Such a wonderful man who helped so many. I will forward your fee to Dorset Hospital. – A.

Thank you for my reflexology it really does make a difference and made me feel very relaxed. – C.

It was reading your column that I learnt of your recent loss. Your Father left a great many memories behind. You have taken over where he left off. I am sure he was very proud of your accomplishments. Keep up all of the good work you do that I know a lot of people do not know about. – L.

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you once again for your help and advice. You saw my then, 9 year old, daughter 1 year in April for Intolerance Testing. She suffered terribly with what the doctors described as Eczema but turned out to be allergic reactions to food. You diagnosed her with several intolerance’s including Dairy, Cocoa and Pork. Since eliminating these food groups from her diet she is a different child. She is now wearing the correct sized clothing for her age whereas before due to bloating she was in clothes aged 12-13. Her bowel movements have improved dramatically and instead of her going once a month she goes at least twice a week. She’s so happy in herself and no longer suffers from headaches and tummy aches which were a daily occurrence. – S.