Up-Date on the Fortuneswell Clinical Reflexology Project.


Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT CThA.                                                

From 2014 I have delivered over 2,000 reflexology treatments to cancer patients in the Fortuneswell Ward and out-patients attending Fortuneswell Chemotherapy Department at Dorchester County Hospital entirely funded by the local charity The Fortuneswell Cancer Trust.

The project has developed into a valued addition to the cancer services provided by the hospital. Common themes running through data collected via patient feedback shows that patients enjoy the therapeutic effect from the reflexology experience and look forward to “having their feet rubbed” They feel less anxious and more relaxed and able to cope with the emotional effects of being admitted to hospital and attending regular chemotherapy. Reflexology has also shown to be beneficial by producing physical changes in foot/ankle swelling and peripheral neuropathy, which are recognised side effects from some chemotherapy. The data provided information that was used to produce a research paper co-authored by Prof David Machin to be published in April.

 “ Measuring Patient Response to Clinical Foot Reflexology (CFR) Delivery within a UK National Health Service Cancer Service” 

 Findings of my study concluded that Clinical Foot Reflexology has shown to be a useful intervention for reducing stress and provides symptom relief to patients undergoing cancer treatment. In Dec 2017 I was thrilled to be informed that the International Council of Reflexologists acknowledged my work at Dorchester County Hospital at their Taiwan Conference in 2017 and in “Special Recognition for my Significant Contribution to Reflexology in the Field of Research” awarded me ICR 2017 Jade Research Award.

Abigail Orchard, Lead cancer nurse at DCH offered her congratulations for this fantastic achievement. She says “The complementary therapy that Abbigail delivers to patients undergoing treatment for cancer at DCH receives extremely positive feedback from those that use the service. Many patients find the therapy helps relax them and reduces anxiety that is often experienced when attending the hospital. We are very fortunate to have the expertise of Abbigail, who is funded by the Fortuneswell Cancer Trust to provide this service”

Jade signifies calm wisdom, healing and protection,

None of this would have been possible without the fantastic support of the Fortuneswell Charity Trust. Their funding along with Abigail Orchard’s support has enabled the sustained growth of my reflexology service. The FCT board has agreed to increase funding for 2018 enabling me to deliver Clinical Reflexology three mornings per week. The future development of cancer services at DCH includes the new radiotherapy unit up and running by 2019 With the expected increase in patient numbers the reflexology service is expected to expand to cope with patient demand to five mornings per week. I intend to carry out another snap shot patient survey  in July to provide evidence to support further funding applications. Thank you to all who have supported this project. If anyone would like more information on the project my research or Fortuneswell Charity Trust please contact me.  ©AW/2018          

Abbigail is fully qualified and insured with over 25yrs experience specializing in Clinical Reflexology Allery Testing, Nutrition and Counselling. Appointments 01305 784986.