Updating Continued Professional Development CPD

My unscheduled break from practice due to Covid-19 I believed would have been over after July 4th.  I was looking forward to re-starting my practice with a very full waiting list on July 6th .  Knowing that once the go-ahead had been given to restart private practice, myself and two fellow reflexologists would be able to resume the supply of Clinical Reflexology to NHS patients attending DCH for cancer treatment. We all decided in June to embark on up-dating our CPD and complete mandatory NHS training provided by Dorset County Hospital and Covid-19 training supplied by professional governing bodies in readiness. 

The training consisted of Cross-infection in a Post-Covid-19 World (FHT). The Health, Safety & Hygiene – Returning to Work Covid-19 (FHT). Clinical Infection Prevention and Control (NHS). Basic Life Support (NHS). Fire Safety (NHS). Moving & Handling (NHS). Equality, Diversity and Human Rights (NHS). Preventing Radicalisation-Basic Prevent Awareness (NHS) Data Security Awareness (NHS). Non-Clinical Mental Capacity & DoLS (NHS). Non-Clinical  Safeguarding Adults (NHS). Non-Clinical Safeguarding Children (NHS). The Open Dementia Programme (NHS). Health, Safety and Welfare ( NHS). Having successfully completed training it was a really hard blow to take to not be given the go-ahead by the Government to re-start our Complementary Therapy businesses as anticipated. It seems that Complementary Therapy once categorised alongside hairdressing is now categorised in a group that includes tattoo artists and beauty salons! I feel very strongly that Complementary Therapy is worthy and deserves it’s own category.  

Please indulge me while I have a soap-box moment. The government has deemed to grant hairdressers the opportunity to re-open their salons after July 4th.  My understanding is they work within the high risk “breathing zone” ( a term used in occupational health and HSE risk assessments ) whereas reflexologists who work  on patients feet are approximately 1 metre from the breathing zone and are not permitted to re-open. However, other foot care specialists, chiropodists and podiatrists are.  I and I’m sure other therapists would love to know how these decisions are arrived at. It is bizarre and confusing how one set of skills with a higher risk factor can operate and others with a low risk can’t ? As a member of two professional organizations listed as members of The Integrated Healthcare Collaborative IHC * I was pleased to read that the IHC has written to the Prime Minister asking for the scientific evidence to be made available that has supported the Governments decision on this very subject. At this time un-popular decisions taken that affect the rights of the individual must be proven to be in the publics best interest for reasons of health and safety based on scientific evidence. Something we have been constantly told throughout the pandemic.  One patient commented she would rather come for reflexology than que to enter a well known clothing store, get her hair cut or visit the local pub!  Which illustrates my point. My patients are telling me they are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety stemming from fear and uncertainty. Manifesting as physical and emotional symptoms that are having a negative impact on their wellbeing.

*The Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) is a collection of doctors, leading professional associations and stakeholders within complementary, traditional and natural healthcare, working together on common areas of interest, to increase access to these therapies, promote greater integrationwith conventional Western medicine, and improve patient outcomes.

My insurance company has been made aware of all the detailed measures I have put in place to provide patients with a Covid-Secure environment. (These can  be found on this website) They are satisfied that I have met their rigorous safety standards and have stated that they are happy for me to resume business as long as the Government has given permission to do so……….and there’s the blow!!!!!

PCR  2021 Training dates  April 10th June  5th Aug 7th