Wishing Everyone a Healthy 2021

I am pleased to announce appointments for Clinical Reflexology and Intolerance/Allergy Testing will be resumed from Thurs 3rd December. I will be operating a phased return. For more information see “Appointments” for availability.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. I am pleased to say that during this November lockdown myself and my two colleagues who together we make up the Clinical Reflexology Team at NHS Dorset County Hospital Cancer Services have been allowed to continue supplying Chemotherapy patients with Clinical Reflexology. The aim being to try and maintain a sense of normality to chemotherapy treatment appointments and to help with the increased level of anxiety patients have expressed they are experiencing at this time. The positive patient response to us being there, providing a deeply relaxing and beneficial treatment for them has been extremely rewarding.

At this point it is worth mentioning that Dorset’s local cancer charity the Fortuneswell Cancer Trust has financially supported the sustained growth from 2014 of Clinical Reflexology at DCH. Without funding from this wonderful charity that is ran by an amazing committee and team of volunteers we would not be able to operate in the way that we do, helping over 2,000 patients in 2019. We intend to continue providing this service for the foreseeable future.

The public have been given official guidance throughout the pandemic although sometimes confusing the clear message is now Hands, Face and Space. I still find it surprising when I see people not wearing masks in the supermarkets (on the rare occasion I visit) and not practicing social distancing. Because of my situation I am extra vigilant and wear my mask when walking outside and wear gloves when shopping. This is not only to protect myself but also others.

Whilst out walking I passed a couple the other day who were not wearing masks, the lady laughed and shook her head in disbelief at me and her male partner began to force a loud sequence of coughs as they passed me. Having passed me they both laughed loudly. This was not teenagers who you might forgive for having such an obviously cavalier attitude to this very real threat of infection, this was a couple I would estimate to be in their late 50’s. I am sure I do not look my best when wearing a mask and to some I may look comical. However, to experience such a reaction aimed at me I found extremely upsetting. On reflection this singular experience of poor behaviour demonstrates a clear lack of understanding on the part of this particular couple. To not be able to comprehend the gravity of the present situation and the consequences of not following guidance I can only put down to ignorance.

As an experienced tutor/trainer I am aware the knowledge informs behaviour. Whilst I am sure that public information could have been more clearly presented during this health crisis. The facts concerning the rates of infection, hospitalisations and unfortunately deaths cannot be denied. For covid-sceptics to deny these facts and spread negative pseudo-science theories concerning vaccines etc  does nothing to enhance the behaviour of the less educated  amongst us.

So please on behalf of the medical, clinical and support teams that are working flat out to help maintain hospital services help them by using some common sense over this festive season. I fully understand that everyone wants to physically re-connect with loved ones over Christmas myself included. The reality is asking oneself the question is the pleasure gained from a visit worth what might be the saddest of outcomes. My decision is to spend this Christmas on my own. I will not be seeing my daughters, grandchildren or great grandchildren. I will not be having Turkey instead I will spend the day in my onesie, treat myself to a lobster lunch with a bottle of Bolly! On Jan 1st I will probably welcome in the New Year with a brisk walk along the prom (weather permitting) and who knows maybe another bottle of Bolly ! Holding the thought of celebrating at Easter with all the family over a Turkey lunch including sprouts!

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