Supporting NHS DCHFT Ocology Staff Well-Being With Clinical Reflexology

The Fortuneswell Reflexology and Cake Event was set up in the Chemotherapy Unit at Dorchester County Hospital and 23 oncology staff representing the Fortuneswell ward, chemotherapy and radiology departments took full advantage of the event. Fortuneswell Complementary Therapy Team Lorna Spicer, Jane Cruickshank and myself gave up our Saturday to provide the Clinical Reflexology sessions. … Read more

A New Year Approach for Chronic Pain.

Conditions such as fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, osteo arthritis, migraine headaches, backache neuralgia, etc etc….. all share a common link of Chronic Pain.  Pain is the body’s way of signalling to us that something is wrong. Acute pain will normally follow trauma such as an injury or surgery and management is relatively straightforward. Whereas the management of … Read more

Keeping Well Throughout the Winter

Wishing all Readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2020 The season of Winter can present some challenges with cold weather affecting each person individually in a variety of ways. On a positive note, who hasn’t felt the benefit from wrapping up warmly to get outside on a bright sunny frosty morning and take … Read more

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

I have just returned home from attending three days training in a new modality to add to my “tool kit” to benefit my private practice and the NHS oncology patients at Dorset County Hospital. Before embarking on and paying for any training I always do some background checks these include asking the question “Is this therapy … Read more

Boosting the Immune System of Children

The nights are drawing in and there is a touch of Autumn in the early morning air. Parents are getting their children ready for starting back to school. At this time in past years I have been inundated with phone calls from parents trying to arrange Food Intolerance Tests for their little and not so … Read more

Making the Most of the Summer Months

It is proving to be a very busy summer and I am taking full advantage of the wonderful weather. The accompanying photo is of an event I was involved with that took place early in July. A BIG THANK YOU to the Langstone-Wring Method™ trained reflexologists; Tanya Grafton – Bridport, Penny Jelfs – Weymouth, Jane … Read more

CPD – Raising Standards in Therapists Training

Most complementary therapists including reflexologists are trained to a level 3 standard which is mapped to the National Vocational Qualification. This model of training encompasses continual assessment over a stated number of guided learning hours that includes basic anatomy and physiology, a delivery protocol, completion of a stated number of treatments, business practice guidelines, and … Read more

Holistic Management of Hypertension. High Blood Pressure

with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT MCThA. It would seem I have reached an age when nearly every friend or colleague I bump into ( not literally, I hasten to add ) is taking some form of medication following a diagnosis of high blood pressure. An example being a friend being recently diagnosed … Read more


with Abbigail Langstone- Wring. BSc  FETC  MAR FHT MCThA.                                                                   Mrs R phoned me to ask for an appointment for her husband who was suffering with Lumbago, a term that I had not heard used in a long while. My father, an osteopath often used this term in the past for pain in the muscles and … Read more